UT1 Disabled Student Service

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2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse cedex 9

05 61 63 35 28
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Bureau AR 31 


UT1 Disabled Student Service welcomes you and provides advice and support for all your administrative and practical arrangements. Specific adjustments will be offered and implemented after a confidential interview with our university Preventive Health Service.

But, before considering all the personal steps that may be taken to facilitate the course of your studies in our University, you must contact the UT1 Disability Service upon arrival at the latest  before mid-October.




Academic Programs

Specific adjustments will be made to enable you attend classes and take examinations to the best. The examination adjustments must be validated by the University Chancellor, based on  medical advice from the Preventive Health Service.

pictogramme_basiqueClasses  (available support) :

  • Free self-service photocopies and course printed material at UT1 Disabled Student Service.
  • Documents, test items and exam subjects can be provided in Braille
  • You may be helped by LSF or LPC sign language interpreters for lectures and  tutorial classes  (prior assessment required).
  • Learning support can be provided to students in need (prior assessment required).
  • Contacts with the  SUIO (Information and Orienteering Service)


In accordance with the decree n° 2005-1617 of  21st December 2005, the circular of 26/12/2006 and the University Handicap Charter, a number of measures can be implemented to help with written and oral examinations. According to your needs, after medical advice from the SIMPPS (Preventive Health Service) validated by the University Chairman, you may benefit from:

  • Extra time
  • Examination  secretaries
  • Specific Braille equipment (personal) or microcomputers
  • Test items  and exam subjects in Braille
  • Sign language interpreters (LSP, LPC) 

Additional informations


You are legally entitled to reimbursement of your home-study place fares. Repayment is the responsibility of the departmental services of the student’s place of residence.

Several adapted transport services are available in the Toulouse area.

 2 impasse Léonce Couture - 31200 Toulouse
Tél. 05 34 25 90 90 -
Site Web : www.tisseomobibus.com

22 rue St-Thomas d'Aquin - 31400 Toulouse
Tél. 05 61 53 86 03

Tél. 05 34 25 82 64 / 0 820 024 810
Site Web : wal.autonomia.org


Adapted accommodation is available in all the Toulouse university student halls.                  
A new system, the S.A.H.E.H.D   was devised in 2008 for heavily disabled and dependent students.

  • S.A.H.E.H.D :

20 fully automated homes (automated doors, adjustable furniture (table, sink, shelves...) with social life support service and night carer. The student hall is located near transport and shopping facilities, which enables students to be fully part of the social and university life.

Contact :
Accommodation and Support Service for Dependent Disabled Students :
Résidence Clément Ader, 118 route de Narbonne, 31077 Toulouse  Cedex 4
Mél : contacts@gahmu.org

Whatever type of accommodation you choose, you must first send your application to the
(Regional Student Social Support Service)
58 rue du Taur
Tél. 05-61-12- 54-70